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So it begins…

My S-10 needs a fuel pump. It also needs a windshield, hood, and fender due to a hood-latch malfunction on my way home from work one evening. Since so much of the truck is going to be taken apart, I’ve decided to do some extra work while I’m there. So far, here’s my to-do list.  Not all of it is doable at once, but I’ll progress as money and time allow.

  • New fuel pump and cleaning the tank
  • Grind away all the rust from the frame/bed and apply undercoating
  • Replace all the major ground connections
  • Replace the hood
  • Replace the windshield
  • Replace the driver’s side fender
  • Buy a 2002 radiator core support, grille, bumper, and headlights for a frontend  conversion.
  • Repair or replacing any brake or fuel lines that are getting worn
  • Remove dents and dings from the cab and bed, sanding, filling, and priming as needed.
  • Make a makeshift paint booth out of 6 large tarps, steel cable, and zip ties.
  • Sand, clean, and prime the truck for painting.
  • Fixing all the little quirks in the interior (blower motor resistor needs replaced, hot air only comes out of the back of the dash when it’s on, the hazard switch is broken and being held down with a pocket screwdriver, the wipers have a mind of their own, etc)
  • Reupholstering the headliner and carpet.
  • Replacing the door panels
  • New seats or reupholster the old ones.
  • Paint the truck
  • Replace the AC Compressor and recharge AC System

I’m sure I’ll think of more along the way, but some of it will definitely have to wait for money to allow.

Here she is before I started doing anything.  The body has definitely seen better days.

96 S10

…and this is her good side.

Here are a few other shots:

Driver’s Side Front


Front and center


I took the pic after removing the taillights in prep to remove the bed.

That’s my 96 2.2L S10.  I bought it just so I could occasionally haul stuff.  It’s been used off and on, but mostly sits.  It runs great, when it’s cool or on short trips – otherwise it just stalls out and you have to let it rest before it will go on.  I have chased electrical problems all over the board until I realized it was more than likely the fuel pump.  Once that’s replaced, it’ll be good.  Put in a new head, clutch, and alternator in the last 2 years.  I was trying to decide to put money in and fix her or just sell her for parts.   Finally decided I was going to get it back on the road.

Anything that needs to be fixed or replaced is going to be.  The interior is going to be redone as well, but it is much less of a priority.

Today, I got the bed taken off and started cleaning up the frame by grinding away as much of the rust as I could.  Got rained out after about an hour of sanding. Tomorrow I’ll go ahead and take the fuel tank off and prep it for cleaning.  I’ll also check out the fuel pump to see if I want to get a whole new assembly or just replace the pump unit.   Having the fuel tank off gives me more access to the frame for sanding as well.  After all the rust is removed, I’m going to spray the frame with Rustoleum before I mount everything back up.  Hope to have all this done by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Got the bed off. Spent 20 minutes looking for the last two bolts only to realize the previous owner only put 6 back in. Also had to cut one as it was stripped.

I was surprised at how clean the bed was after I removed the liner. The bedliner was kindof loose, so I was expecting a rusty mess. I do see a dent I need to pound out, though.

Had to get the rear end covered with a tarp really quick as we had a sudden thundershower.  I’ll grind away at it (ha, get it?) some more tomorrow after work.



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