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Instead of working on the front-end, I decided to get the rear end put back together since I no longer needed the bed removed. It should be fine without the one bolt I had to cut out. I have an idea for a fix, but it can wait until later.  Here are a few pics of my progress until now.  Most of the work isn’t visible, save for the undercoating.



Today, I installed new rear shocks, bolted the bed back on, wired the taillights back into place, and got to take it on a test drive. Seems to have a bit more power with the new pump/ground.  The wiper/washers also worked properly with the new pulse board.   There’s also a lot less squeaks from the rear end after removing the bed liner, rubberizing the mounts, and making sure the bolts were all the way in (something the previous owner half-assed).  Oh, and there weren’t any leaks from the patch I had to make in the fuel line.  All my lights are working properly as well.

Well, that should fix the running issues. Now I need to get the front end in shape.
Here are the pictures of the fender and hood I got from the junkyard.

You could barely read the number before I wiped the tree sap off.

This will take a few minutes to clean off, I’ll bet.

I’ve already gotten them both fairly clean, but haven’t taken any pictures yet.  They’re not spotless, but they’re clean enough to wash with the rest of the truck.

I’ve also been checking out the A/C system and seeing if it’s worth fixing. The previous owner removed and bypassed the A/C compressor, but left the rest of the system.  It seems to hold pressure and vacuum, so I think it’d work if I just dropped a new compressor in and charged the system.  The only problem is I can’t get a voltage at the compressor clutch wire.  Have yet to decide if I want to invest $200-some odd dollars and chance it not working.

At some point, I need to get the new tires mounted as well as swap in the new brake pads.

I think I’m going back to the junkyard to see if the passenger side fender is also in decent shape.  That way the whole front end will match.  After that, I’m going to call it quits on phase 1 for now.  It’s running problem is fixed, as well as a lot of other little quirks.  I’ve decided that phase two will be the front-end conversion.  I’m estimating between $350 and $650 to pull it off.

Before I can even start on any of that, I’ve got to take care of all the paperwork for the license renewal so it doesn’t expire.



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