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Almost there

Here’s what’s been done so far:

  • New fuel pump & filter
  • Fixed fuel line I broke while removing filter
  • Fixed several ground connections
  • Cleaned frame and applied Rustoleum undercoating
  • Replaced rear shocks (leaf springs were good)
  • Replaced the hazard switch so I don’t have to have a screwdriver holding it down.
  • Replaced wiper pulse board
  • Replaced LH fender
  • Replaced hood
  • Sanded body below the trim line (where 90% of the body rust is) and coated with Herculiner.
  • Painted bumpers with the Herc
  • Used leftover Herc on the tailgate and the top border of the bed.
  • Fixed up the flaking clear coat on the passenger fender.

Here are some progress shots:

Frame after sanding and undercoating

I had to put this before pic up for a true comparison.

After putting on new fender and hood.

After coating bumpers/trim with Herculiner – Driver Side

After coating bumpers/trim with Herculiner – Passenger Side

I know it’s kind-of messy around the bottom of the tailgate. That’s ok, as that part will be coated when I do the rest of the bed trim.

What’s left?

  • Get front end alignment
  • Mount new tires
  • Replace windshield
  • Get inspection sticker

Also, I noticed I’m getting an evap code.  Normally, that’s not too big a deal, but after replacing the fuel pump, it could mean the tank isn’t sealed right.



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