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Almost there

Here’s what’s been done so far: New fuel pump & filter Fixed fuel line I broke while removing filter Fixed several ground connections Cleaned frame and applied Rustoleum undercoating Replaced rear shocks (leaf springs were good) Replaced the hazard switch so I don’t have to have a screwdriver holding it down. Replaced wiper pulse board … Continue reading


Instead of working on the front-end, I decided to get the rear end put back together since I no longer needed the bed removed. It should be fine without the one bolt I had to cut out. I have an idea for a fix, but it can wait until later.  Here are a few pics … Continue reading

Rain, Delays, and Other Setbacks

It has rained or stormed for the past 4 days, so I haven’t gotten much done to my truck.  I did buy a new wiper pulse board.  Now my wipers/washer work on command again.  It’s nice to see the weather cooperate this weekend so I can get some work done. I used an AirTek pump … Continue reading


Got a lot more rust removed yesterday and a first coat of undercoating applied. I was going to spray it all at once, but it’s been raining off and on and it keeps getting a thin layer of rust on the metal I had just cleaned the day before. I’ve got a base coat on … Continue reading

So it begins…

My S-10 needs a fuel pump. It also needs a windshield, hood, and fender due to a hood-latch malfunction on my way home from work one evening. Since so much of the truck is going to be taken apart, I’ve decided to do some extra work while I’m there. So far, here’s my to-do list. … Continue reading

Random Google Search of the Day

Starting a new thing I do.  Every day, I’m going to Google something extremely random and very specific and see what turns up.  Whatever from the web, image search, news, etc is the funniest or closest match wins it. Today’s search:  “google logo with boobs as the o’s” Winner: First hit on image search (SafeSearch … Continue reading