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Got a lot more rust removed yesterday and a first coat of undercoating applied. I was going to spray it all at once, but it’s been raining off and on and it keeps getting a thin layer of rust on the metal I had just cleaned the day before. I’ve got a base coat on the top of the frame, but I still need to finish sanding the inside and bottom of the frame and get those sprayed. I don’t have any updated pics, but will post some as soon as I get a bit more finished.

Also got a new hazard switch put in. For the last year or so, I had a micro-screwdriver jammed down into it to keep the 4-ways off and the turn signals working. Ghetto, yes. Functional, yes. Don’t let anyone tell you a 98+ hazard switch won’t work on a 94-96 – it absolutely will.

Accidentally found the ground to my fuel pump, and I think I now know why it’s having problems. The point on the frame it grounds to is rusty and the ring connector is corroded. If that wasn’t bad enough, at one point somebody appears to have cut the wire and spliced it back with a wire nut. After a few minutes of just idling the truck, the wire was pretty hot to the touch. No wonder the fuel pump starts acting up when it’s hot out! I put a new ring connector and ground wire in line to the pump. I’m still going to put in a replacement pump, though. Hopefully this should keep the new pump from burning out prematurely. Again, I’ll update later with pics.



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